PISI delivers best-in-class technology and business process solutions for our clients. Our suite of service offerings, I5, focuses on the five areas of technology organizations must manage in order to be successful.  The I5 Service Offering includes:

- Infrastructure Management

- Information and Content Management

- Integration and Process Optimization

- Intelligence and Analytics

- Intelligent Outsourcing


Infrastructure Management

Principal Integration Solutions offers its clients a distinct combination of infrastructure solutions with systems core-competencies to help them realize maximum benefits of deploying dynamic, service oriented business infrastructures solutions that support Internet/Intranet, legacy connectivity and component based development for enterprise wide systems and applications. Our Infrastructure Systems Management services focus on providing our clients with strategic and tactical support for their technical environment and to assess, design and implement infrastructure systems to effectively handle their Web and electronic business needs. 


Information and Content Management

Organizations continue to search for effective approaches to digitize paper-based or tape-archived assets for internal document exchange or web publishing.  Principal Integration Solution's deep expertise and experience with content management, digital asset management and document management solutions allows our clients to develop best-in-class information systems management solutions for Internet, Intranet and Extranet or External Internet based solutions.  


Integration and Process Optimization

Application Integration and effective business process optimization is a key challenge facing most organizations today.  Integration typically refers to connecting a multitude of disparate systems and data repositories to interact in real time. Our experience has shown us that organizations are searching for a cost-effective approach that minimizes technical complexity and cost while allowing for a high-quality solution which allows them to keep their large investments in tools and technologies intact.

Principal Integration Solutions Integration Approach focuses on allowing organizations to not have to dispose of their existing technology investments - instead, focus on the problem from a Business Process perspective and develop an adaptive layer which allows for the simple connection between legacy applications, CRM applications, SCM applications and data repositories scattered throughout the enterprise.  


Intelligence and Analytics

An organization’s most important asset is its data – data about its customers, its products and its competitors.  Being able to effectively manage and leverage this data to make intelligent investments or marketing decisions is critical. Our Intelligence Solution provides organizations a proven approach to building business intelligence into everyday operations.  Through our Executive Dashboard, Data Mart and Data Warehouse Solutions, we can provide CFOs and Business Unit Leads with the information that they need to make effective decisions.


Intelligent Outsourcing

Every organization is looking for a proven method to reduce costs.  For IT organizations, reducing application development and on-going system management costs are critical.  PISI's intelligent outsourcing solution gives you the choice and flexibility of outsourcing specific roles or tasks in your application development activities or your day-to-day management of specific systems or business processes. Using a proven approach, PISI will work with you to identify and evaluate the ROI of outsourcing specific roles or entire initiatives with us, planning the transition, managing the activities and then using our Outsourcing Executive Dashboard to let you see the value of our outsourced solution.